18 Oct 3:51
2 years ago
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Look alive, sunshine

15 Oct 1:53
2 years ago
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Is it really weird to say that I'm really happy your buttons made Posey happy?? I guess fandom gave him a bit of a hard time at the con and so it was really great to see him thrilled at your buttons (especially when he saw you drew one of him too!!) C:>

I’m honestly floored and so flattered and incredibly happy that he enjoyed them at all. This was my first time being able to give someone a gift as a fan at a con and I was really nervous even though I wasn’t even there to give it to him myself and I’m so happy that he liked them!

I haven’t watched any videos from the panels/signings other than the videos people have been sending me when he’s getting my buttons yet but I didn’t know he had a hard time at NYCC.  My friends old and new who have went to either or have all told me what a sweet heart and how charming Tyler is (and Jeff of course!)   Everyone told me he was super charming and just an amazing  person in general so I really really hope he had a great time in NYC!

15 Oct 1:43
2 years ago
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Look at how wonderful and sweet he is

I am just so happy he got the buttons and I’m just floored that he enjoyed them at all and I AM JUST

15 Oct 0:55
2 years ago
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Okay so here’s one of the videos mista-barista took for me when he gave Tyler and Jeff my buttons at the NYCC Teen Wolf signing

Tyler recorded a short message for me and I’m just



in my seat


there’s also a video of Tyler’s reactions when he sees the buttons! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YrT7YisGOYI

Okay so I was at NYCC and pretty despondent that I couldn’t get an autographing ticket for Teen Wolf or make it to the panel and I really wanted to give Jeff Davis and Tyler Posey my TW buttons and an awesome guy I met, Tim, told me he was going to the signing and he told me he could bring them my buttons for me and he did and

He took a video of him giving it to themand told them how I couldn’t make it and tyler flipped out when he saw the buttons and filmed a short message and

I could watch these videos

F o r e v e r

I’m kind of freaking out

24 Sep 14:20
2 years ago
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I know this is kind of a gratuitous pat on the back but I’m seriously happy about how the Teen Wolf ones came out ahhhhh

the Expendables ones look really good too although it’s hard to tell from pictures

24 Sep 4:14
2 years ago
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rounding off the teen wolf set

the worst part of finishing drawing these was the fact that now I actually have to punch them into buttons

12 Sep 20:20
2 years ago
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why is this the first Teen Wolf button I draw

26 Jul 3:39
2 years ago
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instantly regretting doing a drawing meme

there are so many….

I don’t need glasses when I’m a wolf

12 Jul 3:04
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I pooped on your bed Scott

11 Jun 1:18
2 years ago
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A lot of people asked me for one after that Derek picture

7 Jun 2:22
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I really do miss drawing.

Oops my shame is showing.