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lucya replied to your post:RE: Art Theft
unfortunately what dA says at the bottom is true - when you change enough of an image it’s no longer copyright infringement, just really shitty behavior. Your work has clearly been referenced, but she moved shit around so there’s no legal angle.
I understand that completely
The ‘legal jargon’ put in at the end as the copyright holder & claims under penalty of perjury are put in specifically because deviantart said that they will not delete the copied artworks unless I put it those phrases specifically, rather than because I wanted to take legal action of any kind.

What I’m upset about is the clear lack of interest deviantart has towards artists even though it claims to be a ‘artist community’
It’s gotten to the point where I’ve lost so much energy fighting this for a week that I don’t even care about getting an apology from her or from DA.
Am I mad? Ofcourse. furious.  Do I understand/accept that DA won’t be any real help at all? I’ve understood that.
I’m using the platform that I am fortunate to have to at least let the other artists aware that their artwork is being used without permission because if artists don’t stick up for themselves, no one else will.
I was finally going to go see ROTG today

Jack Frost said no

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I didn’t choose the thug life the thug life chose me


how I’m paying rent this month

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I just want to clarify- if we have some of your deleted work saved, you don't want us to post it right? (there would be a source of course) I'm sorry if you've been asked this before >___<

I don’t mind it if you post it with source. Thank you v much for asking :)

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Is it really weird to say that I'm really happy your buttons made Posey happy?? I guess fandom gave him a bit of a hard time at the con and so it was really great to see him thrilled at your buttons (especially when he saw you drew one of him too!!) C:>

I’m honestly floored and so flattered and incredibly happy that he enjoyed them at all. This was my first time being able to give someone a gift as a fan at a con and I was really nervous even though I wasn’t even there to give it to him myself and I’m so happy that he liked them!

I haven’t watched any videos from the panels/signings other than the videos people have been sending me when he’s getting my buttons yet but I didn’t know he had a hard time at NYCC.  My friends old and new who have went to either or have all told me what a sweet heart and how charming Tyler is (and Jeff of course!)   Everyone told me he was super charming and just an amazing  person in general so I really really hope he had a great time in NYC!

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Okay so here’s one of the videos mista-barista took for me when he gave Tyler and Jeff my buttons at the NYCC Teen Wolf signing

Tyler recorded a short message for me and I’m just



in my seat


there’s also a video of Tyler’s reactions when he sees the buttons! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YrT7YisGOYI

Okay so I was at NYCC and pretty despondent that I couldn’t get an autographing ticket for Teen Wolf or make it to the panel and I really wanted to give Jeff Davis and Tyler Posey my TW buttons and an awesome guy I met, Tim, told me he was going to the signing and he told me he could bring them my buttons for me and he did and

He took a video of him giving it to themand told them how I couldn’t make it and tyler flipped out when he saw the buttons and filmed a short message and

I could watch these videos

F o r e v e r

I’m kind of freaking out

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Wow sorry this blog is just boring pictures of my face right now but I got a haircut from Carly at Seagull Hair Salon in NYC! I’m actually really loving it a lot. I promise this will be the last of my face you see for a while

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wow your eyes are tiny

lets play a quick game

in that picture was my left eye open or closed

winner gets to be my prom date 5 yrs ago

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Just got back home from AWA.

It was simultaneously literally the best and the worst con I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot of fun!  Thank you so much for everyone who dropped by, traded with me, fed me food and gave me swag.  It was amazing meeting people old and new. Sorry if I seemed really off or dead or just not at the table, I wasn’t in the best health on Friday and the aftermath of it was pretty bad the entire weekend.

Kiss Atlanta you were great

Unfortunately, replying to messages are going to take some time because I need to leave home again tomorrow for a few days. Please be patient and thanks!

p.s. to all old and new followers I talk about the Expendables a lot here and I know some of you would rather live without it but

in my tumblr

only the strong survive

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Your Gunnar/Yin art! I was thinking I was so alone here. Much love to you!!

Kisses gently

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The most perfect kaldur

So you get me to watch the expendables, and you give me a ship, and apparently the only person sailing this ship is you and im just being dragged along after being caught on the bough. I don't know whether to be sore about it, or be glad i got to see this beautiful expendable ocean while being dragged along by this small, yet impressive, ship

Shhh shhhhhhhh just come

Its an armada of one

Okay guys the lesson in all of this is

There is no easy way to make money