8 Aug 22:22
3 years ago
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I just wanted to say thank you

You guys are really amazing.
I am really blown away by the support and wow.

Thank you guys so much.   All these kind words, signal boosts and commissions it’s been such a big support and I’m really speechless at the moment.  

I still have a couple emails and messages I need to answer and I will get to them as soon as possible.  I’ve been working on these commissions all day and I’m just

I’M JUST FLOORED.         hrghhhgh

thank you so much!

  1. aeedee said: You deserve all of that support <3
  2. shaylarain said: <3
  3. anstruthers said: You deserve it! <3
  4. kynimdraws said: ILU 언니! Sorry I didnt get to hang out more in Anext ;w;
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