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Sparkler issue #002 is up! We’re moving to a weekly update schedule now, so new chapters of our series will come out every Friday for subscribers, and the following Monday for everyone else. This week, there’s a new chapter of Ellery Prime’s mystery/thriller novel Gauntlet, and a Subscriber Exclusive interview with Christy Lijewski! Check it out! http://sparklermonthly.com

Cover image by T2A (http://teaat2am.tumblr.com/)

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Iwatobi Nights

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Someone commissioned #elementary ofc i had to say yes

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Sticker set for Otakon (Table F03) : O

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Free wheeling

Gonna be printed as stickers for Otakon~

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What is a rebel with a label?


I’ll be sourcing the art as they post it! :)  This one was by teaat2am, originally posted here.

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I will be tabling at Connecticon in the dealer’s room, booth 302! I will be selling my prints, phone charms, and buttons. I’m also helping teaat2am sell her prints since she couldn’t make it. Hope to see y’all you there this weekend!

My friend fallibleheart will be selling my prints at Connecticon for me this weekend!     She’s a sweetheart with great art so go say hi!

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As I discussed previously, I’ve been working on a really great project called Gauntlet (written by E.Prime) for Chromatic Press as a title for their digital magazine, Sparkler Monthly

The Sparkler Monthly website is finally up and Chapter 1 preview for Gauntlet is up on the site as well! (Along with a bunch of things by some wonderful creators!)


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Yellow Umbrella

(Kise x Kasamatsu Doujin) is available for now at http://spraypaintlove.storenvy.com/

Artists: Skai & Tea 
Size: B5 44pgs
Language: English
Ratings: PG (all age)
Price: 10 USD (+shipping)


Storenvy is also open for prints again.  
And domestic(US) & international(everywhere else) shipping are both available at this time

Reblogs will be super appreciated! Thank you!

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Chromatic Press just announced two of their new titles for Sparkler Monthly! Gauntlet is the serial novel I’ve been working on. It’s being beautifully illustrated by T2A!

Check it out! The first chapter will launch in Issue #1 July 2013.


Happy to embrace her adult independence, Clio…

Aw, yiss. Our first announced Chromatic Press light novel other than Tokyo Demons.

Eprime is a great writer, and T2A is an incredibly versatile artist. A fair chunk of Gauntlet is already done and it’s kicking all kinds of ass. First chapter comes out in Sparkler Monthly Issue #1 in July.

Read it. It’s sexy and scary in all the right ways.

Sorry for being MIA on this blog save for the convention updates, it’s been kind of a crazy couple months after moving. But there are exciting things on the horizon!  

Please check it out!

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Did a Haikyuu!! swap meme with Billies and Shouri !

Suga gets flowers because he is the prettiest one

A haiku about Haikyuu!!:

I finished wink wonk
I forgot ennoshita
buries head in hands