About Me

Ana o July 19 o Jersey

Hi my name is not Ana but you can call me that. I draw lots of stupid jokes and questionable angst. Sometimes I tend not to take things too seriously & make too many stupid jokes on tumblr but I just want to have fun.

This blog is SFW and mostly an art blog, peppered in with rare reblogs and sometimes text posts.

Now, I think about- nothing
Before, I thought about-  Lots of other things
I watch a lot of TV-  Game of Thrones, BBT, Sherlock, Leverage, Adventure Time, Doctor Who, Supernatural, HIMYM, Community, 30 Rock, Chuck, TWD
My Heroes are- Eiichiro Oda, Tsutomu Nihei, Yi lee, Francis Manapul, Sara Pichelli, Yuko Ota, Takehiko Inoue, Naoki Urasawa, Tim Sale, Q Hayashida and so many others…

Contact Info:
skype- oh1945
msn- its524u@gmail.com