Do you have/Can you make/are there any Tutorials?

They are all here. Unfortunately due to time constraints I can’t make tutorials often, thus I won’t be making anymore unless I personally feel the whimsy to do so.

I sometimes hold livestream sessions.

What programs do you use? / what brush settings do you use?

Photoshop. I use the basic brush for everything.

When will you open up online sales for buttons/prints?
They’re open here http://spraypaintlove.storenvy.com

Which conventions will you be attending/Will you be selling?

My convention schedule is here.  I sell at every convention I attend (unless otherwise announced)

Which textures do you use?

http://lostandtaken.com/ or this one

I want to Tumblr Savior your text/personal/random posts that are not art. Do you have a tag for that?

I try to tag my unnecessary text/blog posts as shutup tea.  You can TS that : )